What is Dark Wars?
Dark Wars is one of many Star Wars fanfilms.
How many episodes are there?
The Dark Wars trilogy will hopefully completed in summer 2007.
Will there be a fourth episode?
Currently there are no plans for another episode. The third one is - until now - the last one.
May I participate in your films?
In general that is indeed possible, but at the moment there a no plans for another movie.
How did you create the lightsabers?
The knobs are created off steel and the blades are pvc tubes from the do-it-yourself store.
Who is behind Dark Wars?
If you click on Crew, you'll find some infos about the people behind the movies.
Why did you came up with the title "Dark Wars"?
Daniel aka LordV feared that we could get into trouble using the title "Star Wars". So we changed "Star" to "Dark".
What is cinematixperience?
Its the name of the production company. We also create advertising movies. See cinematixperience homepage.
Is ist possible to buy the movies on DVD?